Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sick, Sick, and more Sick

Poor baby girl. This has been our existence since Sunday night. Miriam went through a short stint of this during this time, but Lilia seems to have been hit the hardest. The silver lining is lots of downtime to binge watch HGTV shows on Netflix and plenty of snuggles from the sickie, but I'm not really sure that's a silver lining for her.

In thinking about all the illnesses we've endured since having children, I though I'd share some things I learned about the not-so-great times of fevers, runny noses, vomit and coughs.

1. Having a spouse who you can tag team with is the absolute best. Not type A? Even better when he is. Organization and quick-to-move are not my strong points. Neither is cleaning up vomit. Thankfully, Scott has a stronger stomach for that. Everything else, I can handle with ease.

2. Having easy to make meals and snacks on hand is necessity when only some of your children are too sick to want to eat much.

3. Chicken soup is so healing. Getting your children to eat said soup - pretty darn close to impossible when they hate soup.

4. Electronics are your friend. 

5. The nosefrida snot sucker is great for snotty babies. Breastmilk is even better.

6. Keeping a dead thermometer in your medicine cabinet with a working one will result in your husband inevitably getting the dead one in the middle of the night.

7. Tepid baths really do work for bringing down a fever.

8. Survival mode is ok. I fed my kids leftover pancakes with whipped topping and chocolate syrup the other day for lunch because the sick baby would only sleep and not cry if I was holding her.

9. The grape juice trick really works in preventing stomach bugs from spreading (we've done this twice successfully!).

10. This too shall pass. 

Happy Wednesday! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Welcome to Life


Scott graduated from grad school and we survived. With flying colors. 

We made it through job losses, career changes, full-time jobs, part-time jobs, internships, heavy commutes. 

We made it through moving cross-country, one parent at a time, living with friends, living with family, packing without the strong arms of my husband but with loads of help from others, sickness in the middle of it all. 

We made it, and now we are back to some semblance of "normal" for us. And we breathed a sigh of relief. We still have had plenty of small bumps in the road, but we are right where we saw ourselves two years ago.

Now, we are moving on - enjoying the warm weather, homeschooling, exploring our new home, joining a new parish, eating home cooked meals, and actually keeping up with the laundry most days!

And with that, I hope to blog more and to keep AlmostDomesticMama going. Where I'm headed, we will see...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our Journey through Extreme Eczema (TSA)

I have been wanting to document this journey we have taken for the past two years through our oldest son's skin issues and so I am sitting down now and writing this out.

I sincerely believe that skin issues begin in the gut. In fact, I believe many health issues are due to an unhealthy gut. As Americans, we treat the insides of our bodies terribly, and unless we have major problems that prevent us from living a fairly normal life, we usually continue to abuse our bodies from the inside-out. I am no exception to this rule and still struggle with maintaining a truly healthy diet and exercise. I was born with eczema, a skin condition that, I have been told by our family practice doctor, is basically a name for any skin condition which is not diagnosable by any other name. I struggled with eczema throughout all of my childhood and through random periods of my adult life as well. I remember having eczema on the insides of my elbows that would burn and crack open and bleed when I would open my arms. I remember a period of time when I had eczema underneath my eyes and every time I would sweat (which I did a lot), I would break out in eczema in the areas behind my knees, on my neck and sometimes even on my back. The solution was always the same - hydrocortisone cream and, if really bad, prescription-strength topical steroids.

When Matthew, my oldest, was born, he had perfect baby skin. I had hoped that none of my children would inherit my itchy skin and was happy to see he was okay. Around six months, he started breaking out a tiny bit on his face and the rash would not go away. We took him to see our family doctor and he recommended we remove wheat, dairy and corn from his diet. He told us that it was unnecessary to remove it from mine, even though he was a full-time breastfeeding baby at the time, since 98% of the wheat, dairy and corn from my diet would not go to the breastmilk.
His face didn't get much worse than this, but it would not go away until we removed the food groups.

Once we removed the foods, his eczema went away within days and we didn't see it again until the next winter when we decided to let him eat wheat, dairy and corn again. We decided to remove only wheat at this point because he was older and loved his yogurt and cheese and once again, it cleared it up for the most part. 

Another year passed and we tried wheat off and on again. This time, when he was almost 4 years old, the eczema was stubborn and started showing up in other places, beginning with his arms. We bought some hydrocortisone cream, thinking his eczema was mild enough so that this would help. No one warned us that this would lead to needing even more topical steroids because no one knew or had heard of topical steroid addiction (TSA). As is typical, Matthew's skin cleared up with the hydrocortisone while it was being used. Once it cleared up, usually within 48 hours, we would stop applying it and, sure enough, by the next day, it would rear its ugly head. At this point, we began removing wheat and dairy, but it didn't seem to make a difference. We figured that it was no longer related to his diet, but that he had it full-blown, as I had as a child. Looking back (hindsight is always 20/20, isn't it?), I realize that he was already addicted and that is why his skin wasn't clearing up with the removal of certain foods from his diet. 

From there, because Matthew's skin wasn't clearing up and was actually getting worse, we began prescription-strength topical steroids. The same thing happened that happened with the hydrocortisone cream. It would clear up within 48 hours and then we would halt the application. By the next day, his skin would rebound and his eczema would come back worse. At this point, it also started spreading - mostly on his shoulders and on his legs. We went through this constant cycle of rash, cream/ointment, clear, stop, rash even worse....repeat, repeat, repeat. We took him to see our family doctor who tends to lean on the side of natural remedies first. He suggested we put Matthew on a probiotic and eliminate the food triggers we knew had helped in the past. He prescribed a topical steroid to use only if absolutely needed. We used it. What baffled our doctor and his daughter who specialized in skin diseases was that outside of the patches of eczema, Matthew's skin was flawless. It was soft, smooth and without blemish. 

I had started digging for other answers, perhaps he had even more sensitivities to food than just the wheat and dairy. The idea of eliminating foods one by one seemed daunting, especially because I was working full-time and Scott was going to school and working several part-time jobs. We just didn't have the time and I lacked the organization. I happened upon a diet called GAPS. Maybe a friend suggested it. I can't remember - the whole period of time was kind of a blur for me. GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome and is a diet that has helped people with autism, mental illnesses and autoimmune diseases including eczema. I quickly bought the book, since I read that you had to really read the book from cover to cover in order to be able to fully follow the diet. As I read, I was more convinced this would help heal Matthew's skin. Since I tend to fall on the more crunchy side of life, I really wanted to try this and eliminate the topical steroids with it. I felt we wouldn't be able to really know if eliminating all the common allergens was helping if I was constantly applying the topical steroids to get rid of the eczema. 

Right after the new year in 2013, we began the GAPS protocol, starting with the Intro diet. It was not easy to cut out all refined sugars, grains and processed foods cold-turkey, but we did it. Our bodies went through a bit of die-off from doing this so quickly and we weren't feeling too great the first couple of days. But then, our guts started healing and I started losing weight right away. Cooking from scratch every day and not having the filler grains wasn't easy, but we pushed through. I was able to tolerate dairy for the first time since my teenage years and I noticed the kids were eating everything and were less picky. Matthew's eczema, however, kept getting worse. By this point, they were turning into huge sores all over his body and he was constantly itching. A month into eating GAPS, his eczema continued to get steadily worse. I was at a complete and total loss, thinking maybe it had to get worse before it got better, but not completely convinced since I had heard so many testimonies of results within a week. 

A mom on a GAPS Facebook group heard my frustration on the board and mentioned that Matthew may possibly be going through TSW - topical steroid withdrawal. She introduced me to and as I read through the list of symptoms for TSW/TSA/Red Skin Sydrome (RSS), it was as if I light flickered on in my head. I finally knew what was going on with Matthew's skin. I finally had an answer. I talked with this mom a little more and joined a group for people going through TSW. As I saw the pictures of all these people, they looked so much like Matthew. It was heartbreaking to see all these kids and adults going through this painful process. I read everything I could on TSW and followed the group's posts to take in all the information I could. 

Topical Steroid Addiction occurs when one uses steroids on the skin. A person's skin becomes "addicted" to the steroids and cannot heal itself without it. It can occur from a day of use to years and years of use. The only cure for TSA is time and treating the symptoms along the way to make life a tiny bit easier. Typical TSA takes about 2 years to heal and the longer the use, usually the longer the process. 

As Matthew went through the first few months, this is what his skin looked like on a good day. His arms were the worst (where we applied the bulk of the topical steroids) and during the worst period of time during his TSW, they would ooze and burn and he would scream and cry. We could apply nothing to these areas to soothe, as every single thing made the burning worse. The only thing that even remotely touched it was cold washcloths. So, we applied those when he couldn't handle the pain. He was constantly itching and oozing for the first 6-9 months. His clothes stuck to his spots because they oozed on a constant basis. He was picking at the dead skin. We rarely gave him baths because being in the water made these areas burn as well. He wore his pajamas inside out so there would be no seems irritating his skin.

Because the itching was so bad, he didn't get very solid sleep at night and he's our deepest sleeper out of all our children. I let him sleep in as often as I could because he was so tired. He was constantly cold, so we made sure to bring jackets, layers and he liked to be under a blanket often. Once the ooze started settling down a little, the itchiness continued and he started flaking. We found piles of skin flakes wherever he was. The itching couldn't be tamed and certainly couldn't be helped, so we worked on vacuuming often and used our mini broom quite often. At this point, I let him eat whatever he wanted. He was going through so much pain, I felt I couldn't make him suffer unnecessarily. From everything I read, it didn't matter anyway. Because this wasn't true eczema, but TSW, it wouldn't make a difference until this healed and he had true eczema surfacing. Some days, it was terrible to watch him suffer and some days, I was just so relieved that we had an answer and knew we just had to trudge through this.

Time did start to heal. I really noticed a difference around 10 months. The oozing had mostly stopped and we started seeing patches of skin where there used to be huge sores. The skin that developed was beautiful, almost as if there had never been a sore there. When we hit the one year mark, I felt we could breath a small sigh of relief. I could see the end in sight and was hoping that by summer, his skin would be completely healed so he could swim. We did have a couple flares, where the skin would get worse for awhile, in this time, but not nearly as bad as its worst. We continued to move ahead and his skin continued to improve. Around a year, he was able to take baths and actually started enjoying them again! I don't know when it happened exactly, but at some point the itchy part of this whole process tapered off and now he only scratches periodically throughout the day. I'd say he's somewhere between 85-90% healed. And the true eczema has surfaced and we know that gluten is the primary suspect. I plan to put the whole family on a paleo/GAPS diet in the future to heal our guts, so he doesn't have to suffer with eczema any more because I do believe it starts in the gut. But for now, I'm happy we no longer have to live this nightmare. Matthew's suffering was small compared to many other people who go through TSW. Knowing what we know now, we will never depend on topical steroids again and I don't believe we will ever have to.

These are the most recent pictures I have of Matthew's skin. These were taken about 3 months ago and he's healed even more since this time!

The last of his TSW - this is pretty much healed now, but the first thing to flare when he eats gluten.

For more information on TSA, visit

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Beginnings and Starting Over

Wow. I can't believe it's been just over a year since I last blogged. I have never been a strong blogger, but these past three years have been a whirlwind of constant change for my family.

This week, I begin my life as a stay-at-home mom again. To say I'm ecstatic would be an understatement. I have been longing for this day since the first day I began working part-time almost 4 years ago. I've gone through three job transitions since that time and had two beautiful baby girls. My husband has been through even more job transitions and worked his way through his graduate degree, which finishes at the end of this year. We have been through our usual ups and downs that all families experience and have truly learned so many things that are required in order to have a growing marriage and a loving family.

My goals, now that I'm back in the saddle again, are probably lofty, but I want to keep them up.

I want to...

*homeschool my children (this is a MUST)
*keep my house clean and organized
*establish a chore routine for my children
*establish a routine in general (I'm so NOT a Type A)
*sew 2-3 evenings a week
*blog 1-2 times a week
*finish projects
*restock my Etsy shop

So, here we go!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Our Love Story Part 2

The Night He Asked Me to Be His Girlfriend

The night I came home from my mission trip, I called him right away. I needed a ride back to my house, which any of my fellow mission-trippers I knew would do, but I wanted to talk to Mr. ADM right away. I felt this was where God wanted me to be. I had spent a good chunk of my pre-teen and teenage years with boyfriends that were not good or right for me. I did a lot of what is often termed "missionary dating." I finally had met someone who I was attracted to and held the same faith and beliefs as I did. I knew that I needed an equal in intellect and faith to spend the rest of my life with.

Mr. ADM answered right away and said he'd be happy to take me home. In a few short minutes, we were headed back to the house I shared with four other girls. All was quiet, as most people had not come back from spring break. We sat on the living room couch and talked and talked and talked. We spent the next four hours talking about our spring breaks and who knows what else. Finally, around 2 am, Mr. ADM looked at me and asked, "Will you go out with me?" I immediately said yes, with a sense of relief and excitement. We had our first kiss which will always be engraved in my mind. It was beautiful kiss. I had never felt so much love from a physical act of affection before.

Our first formal dance with some of our closest friends to this day.

The Whirlwind of It All

We spent the next few months learning more and more about each other while finishing up our junior year. I was beyond excited for my family to meet the man of my dreams, the one for whom my soul longed. Mr. ADM had already declared his love for me about a week after he asked me to be his girlfriend. We had discussed our faith, our morals, our families and what we were hoping for in our futures. I met his grandparents (who are, to this day, some of my favorite people on this earth), his dad and brother, and a good childhood friend of his. He let me cry on his shoulder when my parents had to give our dog back to her breeder. I knew this was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and I was pretty sure he felt the same. We set it up so Mr. ADM would come home with me for a week before heading back to school to take some summer courses. My dad was picking us up, along with a girl who lived nearby who I didn't know, but this is how our school worked. We were 8 hours away, so finding fellow students who lived nearby was like finding the golden ticket! I didn't want to set up too high of an expectation, so I told my mom he was okay-looking...good-looking to me, of course. Now, this makes my mom sound shallow, but I promise she's not. She already knew he was a solid man from what I told her about him, so now the only part of the test left was to see what he looked like. This was just around the time that digital cameras were making headway to where it was the norm, so we took a picture and emailed it to her, but it was quite a task and I was still shy enough so that I only took one picture of us and it was terrible.

My dad came and I told Mr. ADM ahead of time to make sure to give a firm handshake. My dad and brothers are big on that. They've been given whimpy handshakes by other guys in my life before. Mr. ADM made sure to give a firm handshake (the first thing one of my brother's observed when he met him). We set on our way back and I remember feeling giddy at having him with me and anticipating the rest of my family meeting him. My mom instantly gave Mr. ADM a hug the moment he walked in the door, and, later that week, my brothers grew to respect him because he could beat them in Halo. The first thing my mom said to me when it was just the two of us was how he was SO good-looking! Why did I make him sound like he wasn't? :) I knew she'd be impressed.

Last day of Mr. ADM's first visit. There's my youngest brother and sister who are now 6'7" and 5'11" respectively.

After a week of bliss being together and having no schoolwork, Mr. ADM said his goodbye with the promise to return later that summer. We spent every single day talking on the phone and sent greeting cards to each other with long love messages written inside. We missed each other deeply and there were times it hurt to not be able to see him. However, we survived and absence did make our hearts grow fonder. I started hinting at our future together, but per my mom's advice, let him bring it up directly. And he did. We talked about how many kids we ideally would like (I couldn't believe I was with someone who wanted a large family like me! It was a dream come true!), where we would like to live, what we wanted to do, and on and on. At one point, he asked me what I would like in an engagement ring. I told him, "Surprise me." He said, "That's not really fair. I would want you to have something you truly liked." So, I offered to email him some pictures and I spent the next day looking at all different types of engagement rings. I finally sent him the details. I wanted 1/2-3/4 karat solitaire diamond on a thin gold band, just like my mother's was. Simple but classy was what I was going for. And practical since I wanted to be able to wear it doing laundry and dishes and raising a house full of kids.

We went to our first rodeo while camping with our friends.

The Proposal

The week before Mr. ADM was coming to visit again, I started getting the feeling that he might actually propose that weekend. He told me one day that he was going shopping and to please not call him during that time because he wouldn't be able to pick up. BIG HINT #1. Well, really, besides talking about marriage, that was my only hint, but it was a whopper of a hint. My mom and sister weren't going to be in town for Mr. ADM's visit so that was my only thought as to why he might not propose then, but I told my mom that I was thinking this was a possibility. When Mr. ADM arrived, we immediately got on the road and took a 5 hour drive to visit one of my best friends and her husband. They had invited us to go camping for the weekend and while I had never camped, Mr. ADM was an Eagle scout, so he was very excited. We had a blast and I knew Mr. ADM wouldn't propose then, but we still had 3 days after camping for that to happen. We came back home for the 4th of July celebrations and hung out with my family - eating good food and shooting off fireworks. At one point, one of my brother's friends asked if we were going to get married or something like that. I don't even remember my response. After everyone had pretty much settled and gone home, minus my family, I suggested that Mr. ADM and I start watching my favorite movie of all time, Pride and Prejudice. This was before the Keira Knightly version came out, so it was most definitely (and still is) the 5 hour one. Mr. ADM had seemed agreeable to that earlier in the night, but he asked if we could maybe watch it another time because he was kind of tired. "Okay, " I thought, "That sounds reasonable." However, my brothers decided to pop in some guy movie of their own and Mr. ADM got sucked into the movie. I was pretty insulted that he had no energy for MY movie but plenty of it for whatever silliness my brothers decided to watch. With that, I got up, said I was going to go upstairs and work on my homework and he could do whatever he wanted. Of course, still completely in love with me, grumpiness and all, Mr. ADM immediately got up and followed me upstairs to my room where I proceeded to ignore him and work on Statistics. He just hung out. I don't even remember if he had a book or anything. At some point, while I was engrossed in my homework, he ran downstairs for awhile. He came back up and all was good again. My sister came in at one point and started to talk to us about her life's problems. We spent the next 2 hours, listening to her and giving advice when she asked for it. It was about 2 am (see a pattern? jk) when my sister yawned and said she was going to bed. She said goodnight and left. Mr. ADM got up and closed the door, which I thought was odd. After all, we were in my bedroom and my parents would never allow closed doors, no matter how old we were.

Mr. ADM sat next to me on my bed and asked if I wanted to pray. Did I mention how much I loved that my love was Catholic just like me? We prayed some of our normal prayers- Our Father, Hail Mary, etc. and after that, Mr. ADM broke out into spontaneous prayer. I knew something was up when he started praying in thanksgiving for our relationship, as he was not normally one who prayed so freely like that.  Once we finished praying, he hopped off the bed and reached underneath, pulling out a pitcher of water and a giant bowl. He then started to wash my feet, and I knew he was going to propose. When he was finished washing my feet, he got on one knee, pulled the ring out of his pocket and said, "Jennifer, I want to spend the rest of my life loving you and serving you. Will you marry me?" Immediately, I said YES with a huge grin on my face. We were giddy with excitement and I kept staring at the ring, MY ring. We stayed up a little bit longer, looking at potential dates and picked a perfect weekend in July of that next year. Just a little over a year before we were to be husband and wife!

A couple months after our engagement with both sets of our parents.

To be continued...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Five Favorites and a Pregnancy Announcement

1. Book It!

Wow - does this bring back memories! Just signed Matthew up for his first experience of Book It! I'm excited about this. I loved reading, so this didn't cause me to love reading, but it was still a lot of fun to get my personal pan pizza and sticker on my pin. I'm hoping that's how the game goes this time around too.

2. SO Delicious Coconut Kefir

I am lactose-intolerant, except when I drink raw milk, but I'm not a huge fan of the taste of kefir in general anyway. Problem solved with coconut kefir! This is a daily drink for me right now and I love that I can get my probiotics in a non-pill form.


One of my close girlfriends just had her 3rd baby last night - a little boy and I can't wait to meet him! And another one of my close friends is due in two weeks! And I have three cousins expecting, although I will probably not meet one of the babies ever, one of the babies for a while after, but one of the babies fairly soon after, I hope! And of course, we announced on Facebook, that we, too, are expecting our own bundle of joy with this picture:

4. Vending machines

At work, I have no car generally because Mr. ADM and I share a vehicle and he's now officially working AND being a student full-time. That's fine except these cravings have begun and I'm having major food aversions as well. So, eating is not easy. I tried to gag down some eggs and bacon this morning and it was HARD. So, I've been utilizing the vending machine, although even then, sometimes it just doesn't do it for me. However, it has helped a little.

5. Amazon Instant

I just signed up for a free trial and tried it out last night. It comes with Amazon Prime/Mom which we're thinking about signing up for, so when I saw the free trial, I thought I'd test it out. Last night was a doozy for my morning sickness, so my wonderful husband told me to take it easy and he handled all the work of dinner and getting the kids to bed. AND then he had to sit down and do homework, so I took it upon myself to watch some good ol' TV. I love it!

Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Puppy Party and Some Randomness

1. Miriam turned TWO last week! I can hardly believe time has flown by so quickly! I look at her every day in amazement that she's no longer a baby. We threw her a birthday party at a park with lots of friends and family. She had a blast! More pictures to come in a later post...

Taking her puppies for a walk with her new double stroller.

2. Our summer has been full of busyness and my family is no exception to that as well. My dad has been contracting all over the US for the last year and a half and so we see him on weekends only most of the time, and even then, they don't seem often enough. Along with that, one of my brothers is finishing up his last semester in college, 8 hours away, this fall, so he's been MIA for a good portion of the summer too. My sister who works for Disney hasn't been up here for a good year and a half too, and we miss her terribly! A couple weeks ago, Mark told us he wished she lived close by. With that and hobbies and travelling and jobs, we rarely seem to get together as a family, so I took the opportunity, even though we were missing 2 of my siblings here, to take a family picture. This used to be a typical Sunday evening where we'd go eat at my parents' house and I'm looking forward to the day when this becomes the norm once again. Maybe down the road, there might even be cousins ;)! None of my siblings are married yet, but I know it's bound to happen eventually as they grow up! Plus, our little family wants to expand too :).

 Special treat - story time with Papa!

3. So, yesterday, Mr. ADM was off from work and decided to get some cleaning done because we have this random spot in our carpeting (think size of a plum) that is stained - like burn a hole in your rug kind of stained - and since we're renting, the managers kindly offered to send in a professional carpet cleaning team to attempt to remove it so we wouldn't get charged down the road. That set Mr. ADM, who is the organized one in our marriage, in a whirlwind of cleaning frenzy. Not only did he clean up and move the furniture out of our dining room where they'll be doing the main cleaning, but he also cleaned our bedroom AND our closet! That's a feat I've been attempting to think about doing for months now! And he did it in ONE day. Not even. ONE afternoon! As well as taking care of the kids - they took a wagon ride/walk, played dominoes, and who knows what other kind of fun - he also washed, dried and FOLDED almost all of the laundry...which brings me to my point for #4.

4. Mr. ADM kindly asked me if I wouldn't mind throwing one last pile of laundry in the washing machine last night as he was heading out for a fun hangout/board game night with some friends. Once I wrangled the kids into bed and got myself moving again, I walked in to the laundry room. I started the machine up and took the top two towels out of the laundry bin we have for dirty laundry (it divides into 3, so towels are one section). That's when it hit me. This TERRIBLE smell. I looked down into the bin and sure enough. MOLD. Lots of it. Half a load's worth of towels were covered in mold because we had a bunch of wet towels at the bottom. I threw everything in the washing machine with half a gallon of vinegar (we were out of bleach!) but it still smells terrible. I have never had this happen before. I threw out a reusable snack bag, but I'm hoping to be able to salvage at least a few of the towels. We shall see...

5. Which brings me to another laundry quick take. I also set to working on my kids' clothing. We live in a tiny apartment with a small amount of storage, but certainly not enough for 5 people to store a lot. I started a system last spring where I bought one plastic bin for each person in the family. In each bin are all the clothes we are not currently using. If it doesn't fit, I have to throw something out. This is great except that I'm realizing it's not going to work for much longer. I shop second-hand most of the time, so tossing clothes out of our residence doesn't generally bother me but there are a handful of outfits I am sentimental about or I REALLY want future children to wear. So, I just spent the last couple of weekends shopping resales for the kids' fall/winter clothes and now that they had all been washed, I was ready to put them in the bins til the real cold weather hit (as opposed to this high of 70 schtuff we've been experiencing here lately). I thought I had done a great job until I looked at the piles and saw the following:

Matthew: Shirts - 4, Pants - 5 (if they still fit)/1 (if he's grown into the next size up)
Mark: Shirts - 25, Pants - 15

WHAT HAPPENED? Guess who's NOT going to get anything else? And guess who's going to have to run around naked if it gets cold before mid-September and I don't have time to do laundry every other day???

6. Mr. ADM GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL!!!! We are beyond excited! My husband is officially a full-time student. Prayers would be appreciated that we can make everything work!

7. Mr. ADM also taught the boys how to play Dominoes (for real and like the picture below). This is their new favorite toy/game.

Happy Friday all!
For more 7 Quick Takes, visit Jen@ConversionDiary!