Monday, April 26, 2010

So much to do! So little time!

Spring has sprung and with it comes a rush of places to go, people to see and projects to finish! I have a list of things I need to accomplish - most importantly for Mr. 3-yo's birthday party coming up this weekend. It's going to be a Mickey Mouse extravaganza! (Pictures to come next week)I'm making Mickey Mouse ears and a pinata and a costume for the boy. Mr. H is in charge of the cake and a whole slew of other projects. We have a sandbox now (Thanks, Nicole!) and bought sand toys and I'm praying there's good weather for the party.

In the midst of all the choas that has been happening and will continue to happen, Mr. H and I were able to take an afternoon and evening to spend some time together. I must say that when we don't have a date night for a long time, I realize the benefits of having a regular date night. It's been months, really. We had one last week, sort of, but it was rushed because my (beautiful sister) babysitter had places to be :). So, yesterday, we took the afternoon to run errands and then out to eat and Confession and Mass. It's been a LONG time since I've been to Mass (or even Confession) without my dear boys. It was such a nice feeling to be able to concentrate fully on the Mass. I felt such a rejuvenation! And I was also reminded of my vocation as a mother - that there are going to be many Masses of not being able to fully concentrate (or concentrate at all on those bad days), but being able to show my children the beauty of our faith. That's what's important. That's what really matters. I pray I can be the example they need to appreciate the fullness and richness of the Catholic faith. I pray they will always be strong in their faith, embracing Christ, and being way holier than I am (provided I become as holy as I should, as the Litany of Humility says). Speaking of children, here mine come! Have a blessed morning!

Friday, April 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes Volume 6

1. This week has had its ups and downs, to say the least. My big up was this beautiful spring weather we've been having. The boys have spent each day outside for a good part of the day and loved every moment of it. The tulips, my favorite flower, in my mom's landscaping have been blooming and it's so nice to see green and vibrant colors everywhere now! It's nice to be able to head outside and not expecting to be hit with a gust of freezing cold air. I am very thankful for this beautiful weather!

2. With that said, my allergies are also in full bloom. I was thinking this morning that I'm thankful that these allergies mean that spring is finally here, but I can't say I'm excited about the allergies themselves. I just hope my children don't have to deal with these like I have.

3. The down of this week has been learning to be grateful in the hardtimes. Mr. H has had a rough month at work and we've been really struggling with complaining about our living situation and our lack of money. Seems ridiculous now that I'm writing it down, but at the time it seemed legitimate. Then, after writing to a group of women who've "known" me online since I was pregnant with Mr. 3-yo, I was reminded that we are NOT alone in our situation and that I really need to look at the blessings in my life: I have my faith and the freedom to practice it. I have a supportive, loving, faithful husband who would lay down his life for his family (and saved my brother from a hornet!). I have two beautiful boys that all the money in the world could not replace, even a piece of them. I have family that stands behind us in the way we've chosen to live our lives. I have friends, both locally and far away, who are always there for me. And really, I have all I need and then some...really, ZERO need to complain, and certainly zero reason to despair.

4. Speaking of my boys, they have been blossoming right before my eyes like the flowers outside - so quickly! Mr. 1-yo's word of the week was "NO!" and he's been saying it over and over and over. At least, it's in context so he means "no" when he says "no." He's also learned to say "please" but sometimes he's really stubborn and refuses to say it. And when that happens, he doesn't get what he wants. Mr. 3-yo learned to count to 30 by himself! He skips a couple numbers but he can do it and we didn't teach him :). And potty-training has been going so well! Less and less accidents. We still have night-time to work on, but overall, I am so relieved to only have one in diapers again :)!

5. I'm really excited for summer - I am signing Mr. 3-yo up for swim lessons!!! When he was a baby, he hated the water; he was terrified of it. Last year, when Mr. 1-yo was put in the pool and loved it, he decided to give it a try and has loved it ever since. So, swim lessons, here we come!

6. One of my closest friends from college is moving with her husband to about two and a half hours away from us! Mr. H and I are beyond excited about this! I've missed her so much (and she has an awesome husband too who Mr. H likes to hang out with)! She's lived so far away since college so 2 1/2 hrs is nothing. Now, if only I could convince everyone else to move here ;)...

7. I'm so thankful that we have the crucifix that we can meditate upon in our Catholic faith. It's a constant reminder to be grateful and to know that what I'm going through right now is not even a smidgen of what Christ went through FOR me, for us. I can't even put it into words, but it helps to keep me humble (and I need way more humility for sure).

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Book Review: How Do You Tuck in a Superhero?

Rachel Balducci, the author of How Do You Tuck in a Superhero, is a Catholic mom of 5 boys and 1 baby girl. I have been following her blog,, for about a year now. Being the mom of 2 boys instantly made me intrigued about her blog when a good friend recommended it to me. I loved it from the beginning! She has funny stories and conversations she has with her boys, but also writes about her faith and topics that are very serious. She has inspired me to enjoy these moments when boys will be boys. When I read that she had written a book, there was no doubt I was going to buy it. It was worth it time 100! Her book is a light-read, so it was something I could pick up right away and didn't want to put down! Even my husband, Mr. H, who is pretty much all sci-fi books and nothing else wanted me to keep reading out-loud to him.

The stories are full of humor and the joy of raising boys (and children in general). They really show how Rachel loves her children and loves being a mother. They are full of adventures that every boy goes through and it's so fun to hear it from the perspective of a mom. When reading it, Mr. H had laughed through several of the stories because he remembers doing the exact same things growing up. I laughed remembering the times my 3 brothers had similar adventures and even more recently when I married Mr. H and he joined in on my brothers' fun. I can see a little of what I have to look forward to. Even if you don't have boys, it's a read that is well worth it and one I'm sure any person can relate to and enjoy! From Legos to swords to dinner conversations to savoring the moment, each page is truly a gem :).

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy April! (pictures, pictures!)

A very belated Happy and Blessed Easter! It's been a busy month and I've not had time to post lately, but am back on the wagon again!

I thought today I'd post a couple of things that kept me busy up to Easter...a couple craft projects:

The first project was a toddler backpack from Made by Rae . Now, I have to say first that I am a very novice sewer. I never took formal lessons, so I did have a couple mess-ups with this project. However, I am very proud of it. I made it for a friend of Mr. 3 yo (formerly Mr. 2 yo who celebrated a birthday this past week!) and he LOVED it! :)

Second project on my list was making matching ties for the boys and Daddy for Easter. I was bound and determined to do this, so I took patterns from a blog I love (The Purl Bee) and made all 3 of my boys their matching ties. I didn't get a close up of them, but here's a picture of us at Easter to show them off :).

Mr. 3 yo also celebrated his 3rd birthday and enjoyed every moment of it. Here's a picture with his cake that he picked out himself :).

Hope you all enjoy and I hope to be back more often writing again!