Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Five Favorites (vol. 1)

I'm hoping to get this blog up and running again and what better way to start then a little Five Favorites with Moxie Wife? So, here it goes...

1. Glass Water Bottle
Lifefactory makes a wonderful glass water bottle with a silicone covering. After I threw out my plastic one that probably had BPA and other toxins in it, I tried out a couple stainless steel ones. My kids love theirs, but the water tasted metal-ly to me and I was not so much a fan. I had been eyeing these for MONTHS at Whole Foods and when I went back to work full-time, I splurged as a "congrats on getting a job" present to myself. Worth every penny. I take it with me everywhere and no metal-tasting water! Plus, they come in all sorts of cute colors! And yes, it's been dropped without breaking so far :).

2. Maxi Skirts
My grand plan is to make my own. No, I'm not pregnant (right now), but I figure I might as well make a couple that I *can* wear while pregnant too! They just look so comfortable and feminine and fairly simple to make. 

3. Getting Blog Posts via Email
Since I deactivated my Facebook account, I found all this free time and realized that I had some catching up to do with my favorite blogs that got neglected along the way. Since my time is spent between 3 different computers and a smartphone when I have some downtime (ie. lunch, after the kids go to bed, naptimes on the weekends, etc.), I can't just add them to my favorites, so I signed up for posts to appear in my inbox. Now, I receive way too much junk mail as it is, but I've found that I can just stick them in a folder and then when I have some free time, I go to my folder and catch up! I'm loving this new part of my virtual life!

4. My Juicer
Being in a GAPS dieting home, juicing has become part of our daily life. We spent part of our tax return money to buy one and I have been very happy overall with the juicer. The kids LOVE juicing and beg for it most days. I've been enjoying the benefits as well. The only downside? Cleaning up. I bought one that said cleaning up was not too bad since some juicers apparently are a pain. If this one is the "easy" version, I don't want to know what harder clean-up involves. 

5. GAPS diet
With our juicer, I have to add that while this hasn't been an easy road for our family, I love being on the GAPS diet right now. It's a difficult regimen to follow and we aren't following it as strictly as we should, but we started this journey attempting to solve the problem behind my oldest son's eczema. His eczema hasn't cleared up or even started looking better yet, after 3 months of being on this diet, but we're working on that more intensely now. And I've finally begun losing weight and feel better! My kids have become less picky in their eating habits and we aren't eating junk now at home. To learn more about GAPS, you can go to this website.

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