Monday, March 15, 2010

Out of Ideas!

Ever have those times where you're in a posting funk? That's been me for the past couple of weeks. I want to post, but when I try to think of something to come up with, my mind draws a complete blank. In the midst of my lack of ideas, I received some pictures in my email that I wanted to post, so voila! Here's my answer:

A couple weeks ago, I "hosted" a moms' craft night. It was small, but my dear mommy-friends and I had a lot of fun experimenting. We decided to make simple ribbon headbands and it looked way easier on the tutorial than it was in real life, mainly due to my sewing machine that was in constant friction with the hairties. However, we had some great conversations and managed to make a couple and took a picture to show them off :). I used some leftover ribbon I had, but now I want to buy some really cutesy stuff and add some embellishments to them to make them super cute so I can wear them all the time!

Now, I just have to come up with the next crafty thing to do...any ideas?

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