Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Baby Belly Just Will NOT Go Away!!!

This Dress Dare has been an interesting journey so far. I am enjoying the whole "dress up" factor and feel very feminine. I love not feeling overly frumpy and the fact that the weather, for the most part, has been conducive to my skirt/dress wardrobe. What I have discovered on the other side of the spectrum is how much weight I still have left on me and exactly WHERE that extra weight is from having two babies.

I know I'm not obese and I know that I am beautiful (at least I know this in my head), but the pants I wear vs. the skirts I own hide those imperfections on my body differently, or rather lack the hiding. As I'm wearing skirts and dresses every single day, I am running out of them much more quickly. As my selection dwindles, I've been daring to try on items of clothing that I have not worn in a really long time. And for good reason. They just don't fit like they used to. This depresses me quite a bit. I've successfully lost 10 pounds in the last year and am where I was before I was pregnant with Mr. 1-yo, but I have another 20 pounds to go to be where I was when I first was married.

I know I do not have to be stick thin, but I would like to fit into my skirts. I'd love to tone back those areas that have become more "round" from having two beautiful babies. I'd love to not feel so self-conscious when I put something on and would REALLY love to have it fit well, so I don't worry about adding extra bulges because it's a little too tight. My goal for these next two months is to work on a few of those areas by exercising, toning and eating much healthier. We'll see if I reach it.

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  1. All in time! You will lose weight from running around chasing after your beautiful children. Have no worries! I just beacame a follower. Visit me at Mama's Little Chick -

    Mama Hen