Thursday, March 24, 2011

How about a fresh perspective?

Natural Family Planning. It's a practice, a lifestyle, so to speak, that is very unknown in our culture and society today. And for us, Catholics, it's even rare to have heard much about it that's positive. Mr. ADM and I are working with an NFP (natural family planning) instructor to give our second talk on this subject matter to engaged couples who will be getting married in the Catholic Church. As I've been thinking about how to make our talk so much better the second time around, I happened to see this blog post, Simcha Fisher's Why Doesn't the Church Just Make a List?, on a few of my friends' Facebook pages. And it is a really superb article on certain aspects of NFP. It opened my eyes and really made me see a whole different side.

As I was reading this last night, my head was filling up with all sorts of great things to say that we missed the last time around. Then, today, she wrote this for the NCRegister which talks about God's will. Wow. Please, take some time to check out both! It'll be worth the extra 10 minutes!

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  1. I loved that post of hers. The examples were so clear, and it just made so much more sense to see it laid out that way.