Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh, Etsy!

Mr. ADM is 100% convinced we are having a girl. Okay, maybe 99.9% convinced. But convinced nonetheless. So is Matthew. When we mention the possibility of having a boy, he shakes his head fiercely and says, "No. I am having a baby sister and her name is..." Mark doesn't understand much of this whole baby-business yet.

With my pregnancy reaching its halfway point (wahoo!), Mr. ADM has begun to not only let me start buying a few girl items here and there, but has been the one to suggest it. Yep. Regardless, I don't know any families who have more than 4 kids that are all the same gender, so I figure my chances are pretty high at eventually having a girl. These items will not go to waste! Because we are on a budget and I don't want to go overboard anyway (well, I do, but I also want to be practical), we've bought her clothes gently-used and I have only picked up one headband and one set of barrettes. That doesn't mean I don't sometimes daydream on Etsy. So, I thought I'd post something a little fun and show you a little of what I've been daydreaming about...

Adorable felt hairbows by SweetyBaby.

Diaper bag by Hot Mama Handbags.

Adorable little dress/pinafore by Petite Pinafores.

Colorful tutu by Trinity's Tutus.

Adorable tiny shoes by Fiesta Kids Boutique.

Let's not forget a cloth diaper, of course! By Woolly Bums.


  1. Love the tutu!!! And if you have a girl, you can borrow our pink fuzzibunz...