Friday, September 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes - Projects, Oh the Projects!

Today I decided to theme my Quick Takes. I am the Project Starter. I love to create things and have an abundance of grandiose ideas that are constantly running through my head. Unfortunately, executing them to their finish is what prevents me from getting very far in my list of ideas. So, before I begin any new ones, there's a massive list I must finish first. Here are just a few of them:

 1. Pictures from Austria - This is probably one of my most embarrassing-to-admit projects. When I was in college, I studied abroad in Austria for a semester and was able to spend much of that semester travelling through Europe and discovering all different types of cultures and beautiful countries. Of course, I took as many pictures as I could, and that ended up being about 16 rolls of film worth (back when I still had a 35mm camera). I have about half of the pictures in albums and still have about half of them in their envelopes, waiting patiently to be joined with the rest. Place of residence: Currently, residing in the top shelf of my closet.

 2. Homeschooling Basket - I am beginning the homeschooling journey this year with my oldest, Matthew . We are doing a very relaxed-style since it is still preschool, but I am putting together a morning basket, filled with books to read and a few activities for the boys to do to learn their letters and our faith. Thanks to a few pioneer homeschooler-friends, I am doing a modified version of their morning basket and I am excited to begin! This may be a continuous project as books will come and go as we learn new things and go through our liturgical year. I just hope I can find a decent amount of books! Place of residence: Living room floor

 3. Bows, bows, bows! - I have begun making little girl bows and my next project is making a couple Rapunzel bows for a friend's daughters. They are travelling to Disney World in a week and are in love with the movie Tangled. (It so happens to be one of my new favorites as well!) So, the ribbon is here, the pretty extras have been bought, and now all I have to do is locate my clips. That is going to be the real challenge, which leads me to my next project... (Oh, place of residence: my closet...dun dun dun)

 4. My Closet (and the Boys') - Closets are one of those areas that tend to just build up with random stuff and all of a sudden, one day you wake up to find that you don't even recognize half the items in there. That also happens simultaneously with the fact that you NEED a specific item of clothing and it is nowhere to be seen by the naked eye. My closet has officially become that. Filled with clothes (both mine, Mr. ADM's, and Miriam's now), suitcases, boardgames, Legos, our emergency bags, books and LOTS and LOTS of unfinished projects of mine, along with recently adding all the toys we are getting rid of in our upcoming resale (so the boys don't see and decide to strew them everywhere), let's just say, it's no longer easy to maneuver anything in there. I've begun this one over the last couple of days, but this is a week-long expedition. And then there's the boys' closet. put it mildly. But I need to locate my bottles, which probably are actually in storage, which is like another massive closet, except with extremely heavy bins that only Mr. ADM can carry. No need for a place of residence...they are a residence.

 5. Craft Items - Mr. ADM just gave his Legos to the boys. Now, you have to understand that there are enough Legos for about 20 children to happily play with and have no need to fight over any particular piece. Really. He had them organized in little plastic bins by piece. He thrives off of organization. I do not. Neither does a 4 and a 2 yo. So, he dumped them all into a community bin, which leaves many empty little plastic drawers. And that's when I pounce and take them for my own. Now, I just need to locate all my craft supplies (in my closet) and put them into their individual bins. I am excited. And giddy. And slightly overwhelmed. Place of residence: Currently, my closet and our living room.

 6. Rosary Roses - There is a lovely blog, I might have posted here before, that has this wonderful idea of how to teach your young children to pray the Rosary and participate when praying by crocheting roses - one for the Our Father and ten for the Hail Marys. Wonderful idea! (I know I said that already.) I was going to have it done by last Easter. Then, by the time this baby came. Now, I am not even sure where the beginning of my project is located, so I must start over again but I am determined to have two sets done by Christmas! Place of residence: Unknown, but I blame my closet.

 7. Our Daily Routine - I really do not thrive off of chaos, but neither am I terribly organized, as you can see. My goal is to have a daily routine that we follow. I know I will feel more put-together and I know my children will too, as at least Matthew, thrives off of routine. I have it written down and starting Tuesday (after the long weekend), I will be following it. And because I put this here, I will be holding myself accountable somewhat. I am excited and hoping that by having a routine in place that all the above and more will be finished as well. :)

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  1. Have you ever read "A Mother's Rule of Life"? Loved it to help you find a daily routine. Once thing I've learned through teaching is that it's a ROUTINE, not a schedule. So, for example, "eat lunch, potty, story, nap" is a routine. 11:30 eat, 11:50 potty, 11:55 story, noon nap" is a schedule. I like routines better because they are flexible and I can throw in change easily.