Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Boys and Their Thoughts

All my kids are pretty darn adorable to me. Hilarious at times too. Mark is currently at that age where he says some pretty random and interesting things. I've jotted a few down for your enjoyment (or torture jk) with a sprinkle of Matthew-ness as well.

As Mark and Miriam were bickering in the car, I'm blocking most of it out, but all of a sudden I hear...

"And Miriam, do NOT ask for anything to eat. We are almost home."

Mark: "Do you know what can knock a building down? Nothing can do that. Except maybe a fire can knock a building down."
Me: "Okay..." 
Matthew: "Or if a house was next to a water tower and the water down fell down on the house, it could break it." 

As the kids were leaving Costco with my mom...
 "I wish we could live here."

As my mom was making the kids lunch...
 "I do not like lettuce in my salad!"

Talking about going to the doctor...
 "Grandma Sue, after lunch you are going to your disappointment."

"Knuckle sandwiches are just tacos."

And one of Miriam, my sister took awhile back...

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