Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let them eat cake! (or spaghetti)

I could let them eat olives off their fingers instead.

This month is looking bleak in the budget department, as it has always and will forever. I was thinking we'd try to cut down our grocery budget, since that seems to have the most room to go up and down, and thought back to the good ol' college days and how I ate spaghetti every single day for an entire school year, save the occasional treat meal from a friend or going out or chicken leg on sale. But most days, it was the same exact meal and I loved it. And it costs next to nothing.

Then...I remembered I have 3 kids. One of whom does not like spaghetti at all.

When "they" say that kids are expensive, I pshaw them all the way. I cloth diapered, breastfed, baby-led weaned (aka let them eat my food), bought their clothes used, bought most of my baby gear used, babywore (is that the past tense of babywear?), and currently homeschool. We grew a garden the couple of years my parents loaned us their yard, made my kids share a room, have been gifted memberships for Christmas and spend most of our time doing free things . My kids grow excited when they see a garage sale, Goodwill or hear the word "resale." While we hope to be able to help them someday in their pursuit for higher education, we also hope to teach them the benefits of hard work and junior college education to start - to teach them where we have made mistakes.

No, all those things that the "experts" talk about being expensive, those aren't going to break our bank.

But our lack of spaghetti might.

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