Friday, January 29, 2010

7 Quick Takes volume 2

1. Well, I had planned on posting daily, but this week has exhausted me like nothing else really ever has, except getting mono back in high school. The reason for this: babysitting I have been watching three other children to add to my own two who are all 3 years and younger and let me tell you, it's energy-sucking! Three days of this and I think I can pretty much do anything now - jump across buildings, have ten more babies, maybe even pull an all-nighter except I'm no longer in college so what's the point? Plus, I'll have a baby waking up in the morning now and that'll be no fun.

2. The reason for babysitting is due to something for which I'm requesting prayers. LOTS of prayers. And it's more someone than something. My dear friend who normally babysits for a friend has a son who is about the same age as Mr. 1-yo (so, he's one). He was born with three holes in his heart and areas that were underdeveloped or not developed. I'm not a medical person, so I don't remember. He is back in the hospital (which is why I'm taking babysitting duty over for her) with a number of other problems and the doctors are stumped with some of these problems. So, please pray they find the answers and can fix what's wrong! Thanks!

3. Since, those are really long "quick" takes, I'll make these ones super short. I'm reading a fantastic book called Rediscovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly. Excellent read! Easy read. I highly recommend it!

4. My mom's good friend who was my Confirmation sponsor and is now becoming my friend as well (isn't that transition from childhood to adulthood crazy sometimes?) introduced me to Matthew Kelly with his book A Call to Joy. It took me a couple years to pick it up and actually read it (Sorry, Laura!), but once I did, I was hooked and I love his books!

5. Speaking of that transition, I am wondering how you went from addressing someone as Mrs. X to Firstname when you got older...I'm still not sure what to do in some situations. Some are more natural, but some are still hard for me to say. And how do you have your children address adults? I'm having a battle that I'll save for another day to expand on with that and am just curious.

6. REALLY off topic, but I hate waiting for our W-2s. I enjoy doing our taxes, but I hate waiting for those darn little slips of paper. Mostly, because we move so often so I'm never sure if we'll get all the ones we need. I got in trouble for that one year and never again.

7. I'm off to a baby "sprinkle" (a shower but smaller) tomorrow for a mommy-friend of mine. I made her banner and will have to post pictures once it's completely finished tomorrow :)! SO excited! I love it when my creativity gets put into concrete projects. And actually gets finished. Beautiful!

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