Monday, January 25, 2010

A Little Cloth Diapering

I am proud to say I have been cloth diapering for almost 3 years now. It all began when I was pregnant with Mr. 2-yo and was on a great Catholic parenting board, looking for advice on pregnancy and having a baby. I spent many, many hours on that board while at work because my job really gave me nothing to do but sit on the internet 8 hrs a day. I was looking for ways to save money, as I knew we were going down to one income and we had enough debt to keep us barely staying afloat.

I've tried most types of cloth diapers that are out there - pockets, one-size, prefolds, fitteds, snaps, velcro, snappis, and on and on. I've enjoyed trying them all out and my top two so far are pockets and fitteds, I think. However, my all-time favorite diaper that I've tried out so far has been the Gro-baby diaper.

Mr. 1-yo when he was much smaller in a Gro-baby diaper in Kiwi

When we were trying to figure out how we were going to cloth two and how many more diapers we would need, I came across this diaper. It was brand-new and not even being sold yet when I had Mr. 1-yo, but I was eager to try it out. The testers had only great things to say about it and I was having stink issues with my pockets that were made of microfiber. These diapers' inserts are made of organic cotton and I knew that cotton was easier to keep stink-less than anything synthetic. They also said that you can use the cover for up to 3 changes and that made me excited as well! Now, that we've been using them for about a year, I will keep buying this diaper.

Pros: Organic cotton insert (we've had less stink issues), one-size and the snaps are easy to snap together, velcro for tabbing together the waist (The husband prefers velcro for a better fit), easy to take insert apart from outer cover, LOVE the colors!, ZERO leak issues!, very soft :)

Cons: Velcro tabs do not stay together in the wash and with a couple of my diapers I've had issues with the velcro sticking at all, so my son's lost a few diapers while moving around.

I have yet to come across the perfect diaper, but I will say that this is the most satisfied I've been with a diaper yet. Way to go, Gro-baby!


  1. fuzzibunz. They're older style (they were the new style when we got them 3 years ago :))...the diaper is designed a little differently now and they come in a one-size too (the ones you have are size small). I haven't tried out the newer design b/c your brother decided he liked the bumgenius better and it's now an even tie with the gro-baby.