Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wiping the dust

Trying to decide on what I want to write and most days, I draw a blank. My blog name comes from a long-standing joke that my parents used to tease me with due to my lack of enthusiasm for the everyday household chores was that "Jennifer's main domestic quality is that she lives in a house." I remember them saying it to each other, chuckling, as I grumbled and complained about having to wash the dishes or do my weekly dusting in the living room. Growing up as the oldest of 6 children made our house feel enormous and the amount of work to keep it decently clean felt monstrous at best.

My mom always said there was hope for me once I was on my own because she knew of a friend's daughter who was exactly like me growing up and once she was married and had a house of her own, she kept it immaculate. She was semi-right. I've been married for about 3 1/2 years and have two beautiful children and I will admit, I see the goodness in keeping a clean home now. That isn't to say that it's immaculately clean most days, but I do understand how nice it is to try to keep it as shiny as possible. And I've also come to learn the beauty of domesticity and that it isn't just about cleaning, but a way of life. So, this blog will hopefully be my journey as I learn more about "becoming domestic" and working to follow in the footsteps of my ultimate role model, our Blessed Virgin Mary. Enjoy!

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