Friday, February 5, 2010

7 Quick Takes volume 3

Err...8 today!

1. Checking the mail is one of my favorite daily activities (minus Sunday, of course!). Sending letters the old-fashioned way is pretty much non-existent in my world, but I still enjoy checking the mail. I really should start writing letters more than the "thank you" notes I send out after receiving gifts. It would be a nice, personal way to keep in touch.

2. As I walked outside, I was pleasantly surprised to find it snowing! I love snow! I do not really enjoy cold weather, but I do enjoy snow. I could watch it all day. It brings a little joy to my life during these cold, cloudy days.

3. Another project finished! I am so proud of myself and it isn't even the last minute! I am making gifts for a couple of Mr. 2-yo's friends and I have had such a blast doing this. They are for two little girls and since I don't have any daughters yet, being able to create things with pink and lots of prettiness has put a smile on my face. Not that I wish I'd have girls over boys because there's not a single ounce of truth in that. It's just harder for me to make my boys much of anything since most of their interests are more things made out of wood and such, which is not my specialty :).

4. I have been trying to lose weight since I was in college. Really. I'm not fat, but since I've had babies, it's been practically near impossible for me to lose the weight I gained. I know I could do it with more discipline and effort on my part, but I just never really had much drive, other than looking at myself in a mirror or longingly at the pre-pregnancy clothes I still had in my closet. Since Christmas, I've been making more of an effort and trying to exercise a little more regularly. I am proud to say that I am at my all-time lowest weight since I had Mr. 1-yo! One measly pound away from being where I was when I became pregnant with him! My goal is to drop one pants size by the end of the month and it looks like it may actually be a reality!

5. NaNoCompMo has been a challenge but such a growing experience for me! I really wasn't sure how I was going to make it through even one day without complaining. I wasn't sure what constituted as complaining, but I went straight for it anyway, and with the exception of a few instances, I've been really good and growing so much from it!

6. I love that Mr. 2-yo loves wearing glasses. Since both his daddy and I have been wearing glasses since elementary school, I'm hoping that this love of glasses continues so that should he actually really need them, it won't be a difficult transition. For now, he's happy to wear sunglasses or protection glasses (the kind you use in chem lab) all day, even when he's sick, like today. I need to take a picture.

7. Valentine's Day is coming around the bend and I have to think of something to make my husband. We never really go "all out" for this holiday, but always do something small and generally homemade. I need ideas.

Oh, and go Colts and Saints this Sunday! (Not sure who I'm rooting for yet. I was going for the underdogs - the Saints - since they haven't made it to the Superbowl before this year, but my dad brought up that Peyton Manning is a good Catholic and from UT, the area we used to live, so who knows. The husband suggested we all just sport our Packers gear ;))

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