Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Weekend Craft Project

We've been sick here with the flu - all of us. Thankfully, my dear husband seemed to get by with the "mild" version and seems to be somewhat on the mend already. Mr. 2-yo is good except that his voice is still scratchy and he still coughs a bit. Mr. 1-yo has had it the most miserable and has been on my chest for the last three days, as I slowly recoup as well.

However, before most of us caught this bug, the boys and I had planned to attend one of Mr. 2-yo's friend's birthday party this past weekend, so I went straight to work on a birthday present. Because I have no little girls of my own yet, I love to be able to make things for others who do and this friend was no exception. I set out and because I wasn't exactly sure how much tulle to get (and JoAnn's was having a major sale on their tulle), I ended up buying enough to make 3 tutus, 2 fairy wands, and 2 doll tutus. I made one set for another one of Mr. 2-yo's friends who's birthday party we missed a while back and another tutu for yet another one of his friends (he has a lot of friends who happen to be girls, I'm realizing). Unfortunately, I seem to always forget to take pictures, so my dear friend was kind enough to let me use hers to show off the tutus and fairy wand. Her daughter loved them!

Also, here's where I found out how to make both.