Friday, February 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes volume 4

1. Wow! It has been a busy month or two. My 2010 has been moving so quickly I can barely catch my breath! We have been house/dog sitting this past week. It has been a fun time, and although I dearly miss my king-size bed, it has been a nice time to be a little family of 4 again and gives my parents and siblings a small break from all the chaos we bring as well.

2. With this treat of family time, I've also gotten a good dose of TV. I don't miss TV, but when I get a chance to watch it, I do enjoy it. I've been watching a lot of "Say Yes to the Dress" and "What Not to Wear" along with the cake-off shows and a random thing here and there. Mr. 2-yo has enjoyed a little Playhouse Disney each morning after breakfast as well. I've also been able to do much of this while exercising on the treadmill. I do NOT like treadmills. ;p

3. On a more spiritual and much deeper note, this Lent has been unbelievable so far! In a very positive way. My dear husband and I have been journalling and meditating on a specific topic each evening before bed and then share our thoughts in our journals and discuss afterwards. It's been a truly blessed time together and I am so thankful that he thought of doing this.

4. Our new obsession in this house is stickers on the face. Both Mr. 2-yo and Mr. 1-yo love putting little stickers all over their faces and request that I join in on the fun. It's been pretty funny to see us all walking around with random dots all over our faces. My husband was shoveling the walkway yesterday and we were watching him from the front door. When he got the front porch, he looked up and was startled to see our stickered-faces. It made me chuckle.

5. Back to being on our's also been nice to cook and bake again. I know I can do it still with my parents, but there's no need for me to do much because my mom handles it all. I don't mind having the break, but there's something special about fixing a meal that is especially meant for your husband (and your children...) after he's had a long, hard day at work. Thursday night I made chili dogs (which isn't hard but the husband requested it), spaghetti and strawberry cupcakes. He was so touched and that made my day!

6. Has anyone played Settlers of Catan? My husband and I are boardgame junkies and this has been our most recent favorite. We have been trying different ways to play this game and it's been a lot of fun. We found out from some good friends of ours (who we frequently play boardgames with) that you can actually buy "expansion packs" that offer even more varieties of playing this game. Now, I know what to buy the husband for his birthday :).

7. Anyone super-coupon? I was really into it for awhile and then we moved in with my parents who buy all the groceries and don't buy much junk food (which is a lot of what you buy when super-couponing, it seems), so I stopped. I got back into the toiletries part and now with one of our local grocery chains offering really huge deals, I want to enter back again. I'm a little scared and overwhelmed, but I know I have to get past my inhibitions and just go for it. Hopefully, I will!

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