Monday, May 20, 2013

Organizing is not my favorite thing to do.

Today is one of those days where my creative outlet feels like it's about ready to burst. I want to create! Everything! And I have no time and limited resources and zero energy by the time I get home from work. 

We live in a fairly decent-sized apartment, as far as cheap apartments go, but it's never enough room. I spent my weekend, attempting to sort through the main bulk of our mess - laundry. With five people, even the smaller ones (haha), needing to be clothed, it adds up quickly. Add that to my obsession with clothes and great garage-sale finds and I'm just a mess, or rather, my apartment begins to look like we're hoarders (see picture below).

Off I set on the great adventure to get ALL this (plus another bin and four garbage bags of winter clothes) into those 3 bins plus one more for the adult winter clothing. It took me an entire day, but at the end, I had a bin the size of these 3 combined full of clothes I'm selling/getting rid of. I felt so much better and these bins actually fit in my closet. My point? My next goal is to get my craft area back into business. I had one in our bedroom a while back, but it was still so unorganized that I got rid of it. Mr. ADM hates clutter and mess and I tend towards both of those, so I thought it'd just be easier on the eyes (and the stress levels) to get out the craft stuff when I had time. But I've found that with my machine not being out and available, I rarely go to it (not that it was that much better when it was, but a tiny bit better). I just need to REALLY organize my projects and I'm hoping that will help. So, that's my next step. 

This is what helped get me through the laundry mountain. 

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